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    We are using proven methods to high medical standards
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We are using proven methods to high medical standards

A warm welcome to the Special Orthopedic Institute, the
orthopedic unit at Villach Regional Hospital.

Founded in 1991 as a unit of the Villach Regional Hospital (LKH-Villach), the institute is the primary orthopedic unit in Carinthia today. We identify personalized therapy for your individual needs using proven methods to high medical standards, and we take you from diagnosis through therapy, before and after surgery, from rehabilitation to post-operative care.

As part of the National Health Service, the Orthopedic Institute is a special unit for the treatment of injuries and problems with the musculoskeletal and support systems.

What is where?
The operating station is located in the Villach Regional Hospital whereas the conservative treatment unit and all orthopedic clinics are located in Warmbad Villach.

While the operating station at the Special Orthopedics Institute is hosted by the Villach Regional Hospital, the conservative treatment unit of the Institute is located in Warmbad.

All conservative therapy during your hospital stay and initial post-operative mobilization following joint replacement is performed in the latter location. The orthopedic outpatient clinics are located in Warmbad, too.

Perfect synergy between medical
expertise & neighboring locations…

The Orthopedic Institute works closely with the neighboring Thermendorf Rehabilitation Institute, which is managed by the chief physician and university professor Dr. Johannes Kirchheimer.

Thanks to the direct connection between the rehabilitation center and the orthopedics department, patients benefit from the very short distance. They have the benefit of the same team of doctors and therapists at their service in both locations. Their medical records are always quickly available when needed.

Chief Physician Dr. Bernd Preininger and the team at the Orthopedics Institute