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    Empathy, creativity & hope
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    Culture of knowledge through inspiration & innovation
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    Empathy, creativity and hope
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    Maximum level patient assistance
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    We have Joint Commission International accreditation
Empathy, creativity & hope

Your health is our goal.
You are in good hands with the
attentive care of our entire team.

People who suffer disability, post-operative trauma, or musculoskeletal system illnesses, will find an excellent opportunity to return to normal conditions and recover a good quality of life in the quiet, healthy, welcoming atmosphere of the Thermenhof rehabilitation center.

You are our guest!
For treatment and prevention,
as well as for rehabilitation ...

The team at the Thermenhof Special Institute for Rehabilitation (Sonderkrankenanstalt für Rehabilitation) in Warmbad-Villach, in Carinthia, is pleased to be at your service for the next few days or weeks.

The Thermenhof Special Institute for Rehabilitation
is committed to guaranteeing:

Performing high level, total assistance rehabilitation for patients with disabilities.

Preparation of high quality programs for the treatment and care of patients. Our objective is to be in the top ranking organization nationally.

Empathy, creativity and hope are the foundations for the assistance we provide. They support our objective of providing complete integration and recognition in terms of the family and social environment of the patient with disability.

Dr. Johannes Kirchheimer, for the Special Institute for Rehabilitation team


Kur- und Rehabzentrum Thermenhof
SKA für Rehabilitation
Kumpfallee 93
A-9504 Warmbad - Villach

T: +43 (0) 4242-3001-4099